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Locally owned title insurance & land record services.

We help clients navigate real estate purchases, provide record searches and offer title insurance to protect their property investments. Mid-Nebraska Title is underwritten by First American Title, a respected leader in the industry since 1889. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient closing process for buyers and lenders in the central Nebraska area and across the state.

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Why do I need Mid-Nebraska title insurance?

Purchasing property can be a long and taxing process.
As the buyer, it's difficult to know whether you've checked every box along the way.

Properties may be subjected to a wide array of legal challenges.
Boundary discrepancies, tax liens, inheritance disputes, fraudulent activity, etc., can cause major headaches after you've purchased your property.

Owner's title insurance protects YOU, the buyer, from claims against your property rights should any of these problems arise.
The odds may seem low that your property would encounter legal problems, but the impact of such claims can be financially devastating. Title insurance typically represents about 5% of the property purchase price - an exceptional value for the protection and peace of mind it provides!


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